Christophe Claret Kantharos replica watches

Is it the surface of the firm character? Is the performance of superb conservation? Is the aesthetics of attention? Or is it a fascinating highly integrated mechanical structure? No matter what the answers to these questions are, Kantharos has shown a sophisticated professional tabulation process with the perfect synthesis of high precision science and technology, amazing. This system has rung single button timing constant escapement watch has unique particular properties and micro grid, remember another innovation on timing technology. Kantharos's name echoes a passing history, but is also ready to conquer the modern world. The name of the glorious Greek origin behind it gave it a mythical status. Kantharos, the famous "lion heart" son, with outstanding performance in the world equestrian riding. Now, Kantharos is also doomed to the same can test in the replica watches ray + world release tab. Kantharos as the chronograph king and the natural strength of the performance, the permanent watch escapement to ensure that it can reach the precision supreme. This is a new concept by Christophe Claret creation and progress alone Chronograph are distributed at the church each function change when the bell a semi-automatic moon. The basic idea: to read the table before the main eye uk replica watches on time, have been able to hear the beginning and the end of the hearing the timer for a moment. Christophe Claret from a simple premise to think: players can always sounded in the gun when it ran on leaping from the beginning; fight in hand when the bell rang to hear or stopped them fighting game; ride out of the starting point in the starter given the signal of the moment. So, can clearly hear the start and end of the timer is a very consistent with the law of thinking. Kantharos clever in function change each time (start, pause, reset) start ring system, for instant timing from the new definition. This idea is absolutely Christophe Claret brand unique style: the Cathedral of the ringing sound spring system innovation and famous xiaer. This is called the king of the structure, to rolex replica uk 10 round exhibition, and is equipped with the patent system to prevent mutual interference between the sound of spring. This Chronograph successfully achieved unparalleled performance and high reliability. Separator plate also increased the accuracy of the timing; its inspiration from the vehicle gearbox, specifically to avoid the timing of the hands of the pointer. The integrated practical, functional and entertaining Chronograph performance to a satisfactory sensory and tactile and ear - - Concerto, the successful implementation of the interaction between the Lord and watch a table. In addition to this innovative complex tabulation technology, Kantharos is also equipped with a constant escapement. Arrange to dial 6 when the position of the disposal of this group of ingenious mechanical error can be greatly reduced time, is one of the critical components of the watch. Transfer to the escapement system can test + test + ray ray can depleted a moment ago remained unchanged in full power to watch. Precision is the ultimate goal. This endless mechanical combination has a fascinating visual effect, through the polished blue crystal clear crystal plywood, you can appreciate the unusual process of watchmaking master.